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The ICO traps the cookie monster

Posted on the 23rd May 2011

Well – the powers that be (the Information Commissioners Office) have decided that it’s high time that they cracked down on the use of cookies.

New ICO guidance has issued an RU cookie law. The ICO guidance says websites cannot rely on browser settings to decide whether a user consents to having his or her online activity tracked, and that, in most cases, sites should seek explicit consent from the visitor.
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And the winner is… Android & Apple

Posted on the 16th May 2011

For the first time, Android phones are the most popular smartphones amongst U.S. mobile consumers, according to a survey Nielsen released last month.

In a succession of monthly surveys between January 2011 and March 2011, 31% of consumers who were planning on getting a new smartphone indicated that Android was their favoured OS, compared to 30% who preferred the iPhone.
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Growth of the QR Code

Posted on the 11th May 2011

Are you using QR codes in your marketing campaign? Have you used them to access information. Do you even know what they are?

What is a QR code? A QR code is a 2-D barcode that can be scanned by a smart phone’s camera and transfer information. Based on the type of code it is, it might direct the viewer to a website, make a phone call, deliver a vCard or more.
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Give me a deal, Facebook?

Posted on the 10th May 2011

OK – you all must have heard of Groupon and know about the general concept. Well, Facebook are starting what amounts to the very same thing. Facebook is finally launching local Deals — a feature that will compete with Groupon‘s core product in five cities starting this month. The five communities in question are San Francisco, Austin, Dallas, Atlanta and San Diego. Facebook revealed to The New York Times that the local offers made to Deals users will be delivered via email and will also appear in users’ news feeds. Any Facebook user can sign up for Deals notifications on the feature’s landing page.
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Smart people use Smart phones

Posted on the 9th May 2011

If you have a smart phone you normally love it. If you don’t you will be broken down into 2 camps; firstly – you are waiting to buy a smart phone or, Secondly – you really can’t see the point as all that you do is phone people with it. OK…fair enough. But did you know that in a recent survey by Google it was established that 93% of smart phone users  use their phone within the home and…wait for it…39% claimed to use it in the bathroom (so what’s wrong with a good magazine, I hear you ask). 20% said they would give up cable or satellite TV before their phone. The survey also found that 81 percent of users “browse the internet” and 77 percent of smartphone owners use mobile search. Google said that 72 percent of smartphone owners use their devices “while consuming other media,” a one-third while they’re watching TV.
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Social Network Advertising

Posted on the

Do you advertise on your favourite social media site like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn? If not then you need to take a good look at them – they all have different demographic profiles and use cases that could provide great advertising opportunities.
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Google Apps New Features

Posted on the 5th May 2011

Google have announced some exciting new changes and updates to the Google Apps Service.

Google have released the new Google Docs App for the Android Platform. As more and more people are using mobile phones for daily tasks it was important for Google to release an App that enabled the user to access Google doc’s when on the move.
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How to start up a new website, the RIGHT way.

Posted on the 30th April 2011

It’s not easy starting up a website.

There are a variety of steps, requirements (both hardware and software), obstacles and technical configurations that make setting up a new website one of the hardest but most important parts of a new business venture or marketing campaign.
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Google Cloud Connect for Microsoft Office

Posted on the 25th February 2011

Being a Google Apps Reseller we get to hear about all the new features that Google are working on to improve Google Apps. Yesterday  Google released “Google  Cloud Connect for Microsoft Office” Plugin which can be downloaded here.
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Which elements of the web page are monitored by search engines?

Posted on the 16th February 2011

It is a no-brainer that alterations on your webpages impact the ranking of your site in search engine results. However, it is not very clear how the search engines respond to the changes on your website and what precisely leads to the changes in the search engine results. A recent search engine patent may have some answers.
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Google Integrating Local Listings with Search Results

Posted on the 23rd January 2011

A recent Google update has shifted local search results from the top of the page (besides a map), to individual local listings linked under their websites in the search results. Now, in order to make your website appear in the local listing when any customers performs a search online, you need to make it rank well on Google. If your website does not rank well it will not appear on local listings either.
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Radweb move in to new office

Posted on the 1st November 2010

We’ve been on a long quest this last month, an important quest… to find the right desks, the right paint, the right conference table, the right equipment, the right coffee, the kettle that we can SMS, and of course… good tinterweb access. Now, this day of November 1st, 2010… we’re finished… and sitting comfortably in our clean and shiny new 1000 sq.ft. office.
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Radweb launch new eCommerce site for Anastasia

Posted on the 24th September 2010

Primarily based in Los Angeles and Laguna Beach CA, Anastasia sell luxury and high end fashion clothing and accessories to a growing youth fashion market. With top designers and the latest fashions, and their own labels like ‘Undercover’ and ‘Unholy Matrimony’, Anastasia are fastly growing to becoming the top fashion retailer in LA.
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Google launch new Google Realtime

Posted on the 27th August 2010

In an effort to improve realtime search and better segment live, fresh content  to surfers – Google have released Google Realtime, a new search engine tool which searches and collates the freshest web content relevant to your search query, for example, conversations on twitter mentioning a company or product, new wall posts on Facebook, press releases and new articles, and a growing number of other social outlets.
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Radweb Square a Deal with Portsmouth City Council

Posted on the 18th May 2010

Working with global businesses to grow and prosper is our mission statement, over the last few months however we’ve been working with the local business community in Portsmouth to improve business and technology in the Southern region.
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