Radweb Square a Deal with Portsmouth City Council

Posted on the 18th May 2010

Working with global businesses to grow and prosper is our mission statement, over the last few months however we’ve been working with the local business community in Portsmouth to improve business and technology in the Southern region.

Radweb have since established partnership with Portsmouth City Council and Trading Standards to manage Portsmouth Square Deal, a scheme designed to promote fair trade between local businesses and consumers. We’ve developed a great service for consumers to find a business they can trust, knowing that these businesses have been thoroughly vetted and approved by Trading Standards. What’s more, consumers who use Square Deal approved businesses are guaranteed a satisfactory service by protecting buyers from unfair or unlawful trading practices.

This marks a great victory for consumers who have fallen victim to the wrong company or contractors, and also the local business community of Portsmouth who in return for joining the Square Deal scheme will receive the superb benefits of local news and advice, business services and rewards directly from Radweb and City Council business consultants.

If you own a business that is located or trades in and around the Portsmouth & Southsea area, read more about the scheme over at Portsmouth Square Deal.

Radweb designed and developed the Square Deal website service, and in collaboration with Portsmouth City Council will continue to build and promote the service and run several local business events for the general public. Consumers are able to search the online directory of approved businesses, and view their profiles directly on the website with all the information they might need to consider contacting that company (see below).

The internet has empowered consumers to make more informed buying decisions and share opinions, and Square Deal is no exception – all consumers leave feedback for the companies they use for the next person to read. All Internet Research notes that real consumer reviews act as a powerful influence over the buying process, and thus choose companies who have received, for the most part, positive consumer reviews. Square Deal, therefore, combines Trading Standards approval with the vetted opinions of the general public to give you a real indication of what to expect.

We believe this marks a great stepping stone for local consumers, business and fair trade, and a wonderful opportunity for Radweb to improve the local highstreet, we’re proud to be a part of it.

We invite all Southern England residents and businesses to join Portsmouth Square Deal on Facebook, where all news and future announcements about Square Deal will be published.