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An established web development agency based in Portsmouth, England

Who we are

We founded Radweb in 2007. “We” are Steve Rad and James Taylor. We both graduated from the University of Portsmouth with degrees in Digital Media Marketing and Computer Science and a passion for all things technical.

Over the year’s we’ve grown the business into a team of 20 passionate, qualified specialists, all experts in all the different online services we offer, from designers to programmers to marketing experts.

Our success has been down to reputation and our business has grown through word of mouth.

What we do

We’ve been busy over the last 14 years building a reputation for technological excellence. We’re experts in finding creative solutions for interactive website applications, eCommerce and digital marketing.

We pride ourselves on keeping up to date with the latest pioneering trends to build and market user friendly, engaging products, websites and e-commerce applications.

We also build scalable cloud and mobile Apps for all devices with the latest bleeding-edge technologies to deliver software that can scale to meet the demands of thousands of simultaneous users.

The Team

Steve Rad Managing Director
Steve Rad
James Taylor Director
James Taylor
Darren Merrett Sales Director
Darren Merrett
Jason Taylor Commercial Director
Jason Taylor
Dan Huggins Business Development
Dan Huggins
Rosie Holt Business Development
Rosie Holt
Maria Leivars Business Development
Maria Leivars
Helen Keenan Business Development
Helen Keenan
Alet Swart Customer Success
Alet Swart
Adelle Naidoo Customer Support
Adelle Naidoo
Nolundi Ngcitane Customer Support
Nolundi Ngcitane
Amy van Wyk Customer Support
Amy van Wyk
Warrick Swift Marketing Director
Warrick Swift
Jack Crook International Business Development
Jack Crook
Sian Hemming-Metcalfe Training
Sian Hemming-Metcalfe
Robb Knight Lead Developer
Robb Knight
Alex Potter Senior Developer
Alex Potter
Zoe Aubert Senior Developer
Zoe Aubert
Wade Urry Lead Architect
Wade Urry
Charlie Carolan Developer
Charlie Carolan
Luke Austin Developer
Luke Austin
Lewis Newton Developer
Lewis Newton
Char Ryder Junior Developer
Char Ryder
Joshua Hickey Junior Developer
Joshua Hickey
Harry Kerr Junior Developer
Harry Kerr
Marta Rodrigues Junior UI/UX Designer
Marta Rodrigues
Nicola Schmidt Financial Controller
Nicola Schmidt

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