Social Network Advertising

Posted on the 9th May 2011

Do you advertise on your favourite social media site like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn? If not then you need to take a good look at them – they all have different demographic profiles and use cases that could provide great advertising opportunities.

The major plus that all of these sites have is that they possess vast amounts of personal information about their users. It is a marketers dream to know if people like or dislike pets, what types of food they enjoy, cars, sexual preference etc etc.

At the moment Facebook is the most used out of the three. It is run in a very similar way to Google Adwords and your budget can be as small or as large as you want, enabling even the smallest company to take part. Because it’s relatively new it’s costs per click are very much less than Google Adwords (some say – with reason…you get what you pay for). But the really great part about facebook is the fact that you can drill down on your target until you are only targeting 55 – 65 year old men who like gardening and live in the South East. As a result it is a great platform for B2C advertising but not good for B2B. From experience I have noticed that people tend to sometimes click facebook ads for purposes of entertainment and not always in a genuine search for purchase…in fact there are a few ads on facebook that look so great I check them out regularly (just a thought to keep in mind).

Now LinkedIn is a perfect B2B platform. It allows you to target people with specific qualifications or title such as the Vice President in charge of marketing etc. But LinkedIn ads are becoming more popular so if you start a campaign the keep a close eye on spikes in the costs.

Twitter ads are really still in their infancy…in fact the only ads allowed are for major brands in the form of sponsored tweets. You pay and you logo pops up at the top of certain feeds. Keep an eye on Twitter – it works in real time and as such could prove to be a very exciting medium in which to advertise.

So – try one of the others – just dip your toe in the water with a small budget and see how it goes…what have you got to lose? If we can help, get in touch.