Google Integrating Local Listings with Search Results

Posted on the 23rd January 2011

A recent Google update has shifted local search results from the top of the page (besides a map), to individual local listings linked under their websites in the search results. Now, in order to make your website appear in the local listing when any customers performs a search online, you need to make it rank well on Google. If your website does not rank well it will not appear on local listings either.

If Joe Public searches for ‘Website Design in Portsmouth’ and a website design business is only down the street, their website would need to show up in the search results on the front pages for the user to notice their local listing.

It is essential for all online marketers to leave no stone unturned to market their website. Google keeps introducing newer tricks and techniques from time to time, if you wish to stay popular and increase the flow of traffic towards your website then you need to adapt and follow the latest strategies integrated not only by Google, but by all popular websites where your customers may be, for better and long-lasting search rankings.

In order to rank high, you need to have good keyword oriented content on your website and must include keywords and phrases in the meta description, headings, bolded words and title of your website. The content throughout your website must make good use of your target keywords to make it relevant to the search.

If you are not aware of such techniques, then it is important that you take the help of a professional. There are many professionals and web development companies out there that can help you achieve your aim. In order to beat the severe competition existing among the internet marketers it is wise to invest with professional who can employ latest measures and techniques to make your website rank higher than your competitors and generate quality traffic to bring better revenues for your business.

Radweb’s marketing services are tailored to the business or individual; that is, while we offer the broader services of search engine marketing, dedicated pay-per-click management, integrated social media marketing and mobile applications, the marketing is about innovation, exposure, sales & results, always measuring/analysing/improving … knowing at all times where your best (and worst) performing areas are, and most important – noting changes like this to make sure we are quick on the mark with using it to your advantage.