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UK Ecommerce Traffic is Increasingly Going Mobile

Posted on the 17th April 2016

According to a recent study conducted by SimilarWeb, 65% of the ecommerce traffic in the UK came from mobile devices in January; the greatest percentage of mobile traffic for any of the countries in the study, beating even the US and India. However, while two thirds of ecommerce traffic is coming from mobile devices, this doesn’t necessarily mean that mobile is the most important platform.

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PPC Prices Could Soon Increase

Posted on the 8th March 2016

Google has announced that it is planning to discontinue text ads on the right hand side of the page on search results. The intention is to display up to a maximum of four text ads above the organic listings, and three more at the foot of the page. This means that the total number of text ads per page will be just seven, contrasting sharply with the eleven that appear when the right rail is included.

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Google Testing New Algorithms

Posted on the 10th February 2016

Earlier this week there was some chatter about Google testing new algorithms. While this early speculation of a new algorithm roll-out proved to be false, there does appear to be some testing going on in the wild.
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Why Demand-Led Supply Chains Will Change Online Marketing

Posted on the 23rd September 2015

The idea of supply chains has existed for as long as merchants took their caravans from city to city, selling exotic goods and household wares. The world of commerce has evolved dramatically over the last few decades. Consumers now have more power than ever before, and can send their requirements to a seller and have goods sent to them without them ever having to leave their homes. But the supply chain is still of crucial concern. Read more

Do not Spam – It doesn’t work

Posted on the 30th November 2011

Email marketing, or e-marketing, must be done correctly for it to work well, and there are some basic rules governing it. If done incorrectly, or if you ignore the basic rules of e-marketing then you can actually drive others away from your list.
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Where has my website gone?

Posted on the 29th November 2011

You turn on your computer, fire up the net and type in your favourite keyword just to check that your site still comes up on the first page…only…it doesn’t. Or the second or third or forth…or even the fiftieth! Well – as they say – just because you’re paranoid it doesn’t mean that they are not out to get you. Because, this can happen. You can be in the middle of some new ecommerce campaign and – bam – site gone.
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SEO – Let’s go!

Posted on the 23rd November 2011

People can find your website in a assortment of ways, but hardly any are more significant than being found ‘naturally’ via a search engine. Why? Because using a search engine is the most widespread way for folks to find websites.
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Let’s take another look at PPC

Posted on the

In any e-business strategy or e-commerce campaign you are more than likely going to find a use for PPC or pay-per-click advertising with Google. And while I am sure that many of us have been using it for a while it never does any harm to revisit the basics.
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You cannot ignore Facebook

Posted on the 22nd November 2011

Whatever your e-marketing or e-commerce strategy is you cannot ignore Facebook. It won’t be long and they will have One Billion users! So – here are a few great e-marketing tips for the Book;

Give a good reason to ‘Like’ your fan book. Privileged info, a great special offer…that type of thing.
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How to get links without asking

Posted on the

If you send emails, use Twitter or other social media networks, and have a website of your own, then you can easily implement the following strategies that (surprisingly) a lot of people do not do to get links back to your website. This applies to regular business owners, personal bloggers, and SEOs alike.
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When and why do Google penalise us?

Posted on the 21st November 2011

It’s a simple question; why and when do Google penalise our websites? And – in one way, unfortunately, it is a very simple answer…We don’t know!

Google has had to adjust to various black hat approaches that have been widespread across the web over the years. We all know that the Google spider has become ever more intelligent so it is imperative that Google keeps on top of the web and to stay at the front of offering the public the finest quality search results. It does this by using a system of reward and punishment of websites based on what it reckons that they proffer to their users.
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Choose keywords carefully when going global

Posted on the 8th November 2011

Say that we had just decided to expand our e-commerce and e-marketing to include Europe. A big decision for us was the need to increase (double, actually) our PPC budget. This, in turn, meant that we had to take a re-look at our keywords.
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There must be easier ways to make money?

Posted on the 7th November 2011

You know what…Internet marketing is hard. Really hard. It’s not something that easily succumbs to a ‘miracle system’. If you try to learn it all at once, your head will explode. I figured out that I’ve spent around 18,000 hours in this profession. I still have huge (make that massive) gaps in my knowledge. If you’re planning to buy a book and learn it in a week, you’re in for a rude awakening.
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But it’s not Christmas yet!

Posted on the 13th October 2011

Well – like it or not, people started to plan for Christmas weeks ago…and so should you. Any e-commerce or e-marketing campaign should be taking the yuletide season into account, especially when it comes to choosing keywords for PPC.
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Get your Facebook fans to look at your website

Posted on the 12th October 2011

Facebook is a good place to communicate with your fans, as well as being an excellent way to build up a large fan base. However, building up a large fan base does not necessarily lead to any sort of increase in sales or turnover. For most businesses your website is where potential clients become actual ones. So how do you get your fans from Facebook over to your website?
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