You cannot ignore Facebook

Posted on the 22nd November 2011

Whatever your e-marketing or e-commerce strategy is you cannot ignore Facebook. It won’t be long and they will have One Billion users! So – here are a few great e-marketing tips for the Book;

Give a good reason to ‘Like’ your fan book. Privileged info, a great special offer…that type of thing.

Keep your page relevant to your product. Write about current happenings and tie it in to your product. Find a funny or interesting Youtube video that could be loosely tied to your brand. Ask people to post their thoughts and photos, stories etc.

Try to include pictures in your updates. Remember to crop them closely to keep all of the content relevant. Crop them to Get up close and personal!

Celebrate anniversaries and other milestones. Invite the fans to participate.

Research shows that Facebook users are happiest on Friday’s so ensure that you take this into account. Have a Facebook Friday…invite fans to interact, swap info, network and create more visibility on their pages and yours.

Remember that your Facebook audience is a club of sorts – it is not simply a list of people. So treat them as special; give them insider info, special deals, tell them of upcoming events.

Run a contest – a photo contest, a simple sweepstake or some creative challenge. Everybody loves a contest. You don’t have to give away a huge prise – it could be one-to-one coaching, a movie ticket or such like.

Now – all of this is meaningless unless you measure your marketing efforts. Measure unique users, fans, clicks, activity, retention and loyalty. The more that you learn the more that you can refine your efforts.

And finally; Set realistic goals for your approach to social media and you won’t be disappointed. Don’t expect to get thousands of fans within your first month, but think more along the lines of a two or three digit number. Then if you hit something larger than you originally anticipated, you’ll be pleasantly surprised and that will give you momentum.