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You cannot ignore Facebook

Posted on the 22nd November 2011

Whatever your e-marketing or e-commerce strategy is you cannot ignore Facebook. It won’t be long and they will have One Billion users! So – here are a few great e-marketing tips for the Book;

Give a good reason to ‘Like’ your fan book. Privileged info, a great special offer…that type of thing.
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Will Facebook Credits become money?

Posted on the 23rd September 2011

When I mention Facebook credits I am sure that you all know what I mean. You can use them to buy stuff for Farmville or Mafia Wars on facebook. But, up until very recently, that was pretty much all that you could do with them.
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The Coffee Guy

Posted on the 18th September 2011

Anyone heard about Jonathan Stark? Well … he runs a small company that writes apps for other small businesses, and he’s pretty good at it. But that isn’t why the name Jonathan Stark is becoming so well known – no – the reason is because he has become … “The Coffee Guy”.
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What is the right way to use Facebook?

Posted on the 12th July 2011

If you want to immerse yourself on Facebook, the first and most important step is to set up a Facebook page. Facebook pages represent local businesses, products, brands, companies, artists, bands, public figures, and more (take note that this is different from a Facebook profile, which represents an individual). With pages, you can have fans (while with profiles, you can have friends). Pages are easy to set-up, are customizable, and best of all — free! Pages can have videos, photo albums, Flash pieces, games, discussion boards, and many other things that would help facilitate activity, conversation, and user interaction. In short, pages can help you socialize with the Facebook user, garner brand affinity, and build relationships.
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Facebook vs Google Pay Per Click

Posted on the 11th July 2011

You’ve probably heard the buzz recently about how Facebook has overtaken Google and now gets more total page views. However, from a business owner perspective, the question still lingers as to which is the best place to spend your advertising dollars to acquire new clients? Read more

Is Facebook the new company website?

Posted on the 27th May 2011

I was at a Chelsea/Arsenal match a short while ago and I noticed something a bit weird…all of the ads and banners around the ground were pushing their product and their website…nothing unusual about that – but, almost all of them were not pushing their standard company websites they were pushing their Facebook pages ( Does this mean that Facebook has taken over from the traditional company website?
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Give me a deal, Facebook?

Posted on the 10th May 2011

OK – you all must have heard of Groupon and know about the general concept. Well, Facebook are starting what amounts to the very same thing. Facebook is finally launching local Deals — a feature that will compete with Groupon‘s core product in five cities starting this month. The five communities in question are San Francisco, Austin, Dallas, Atlanta and San Diego. Facebook revealed to The New York Times that the local offers made to Deals users will be delivered via email and will also appear in users’ news feeds. Any Facebook user can sign up for Deals notifications on the feature’s landing page.
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Social Network Advertising

Posted on the 9th May 2011

Do you advertise on your favourite social media site like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn? If not then you need to take a good look at them – they all have different demographic profiles and use cases that could provide great advertising opportunities.
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Taking eCommerce forward with Social Marketing

Posted on the 4th May 2010

A website’s success largely depends on receiving quality visitors, that is, visitors that have an interest or stake in the topic and content of the site.

Companies spend tens of thousands of pounds per month on Search Marketing and Pay Per Click, and consider those 2% conversion rates to be satisfactory. We say… that’s crazy!
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