Is Facebook the new company website?

Posted on the 27th May 2011

I was at a Chelsea/Arsenal match a short while ago and I noticed something a bit weird…all of the ads and banners around the ground were pushing their product and their website…nothing unusual about that – but, almost all of them were not pushing their standard company websites they were pushing their Facebook pages ( Does this mean that Facebook has taken over from the traditional company website?

Well – you know, it just might be and here is why I think that;

1) Users spend more time per month on Facebook than on Google, Yahoo, YouTube, Microsoft, Wikipedia and Amazon combined – That’s 7 hours a month for the average user, much more for the power-networkers out there. I knew people spent a lot of time on Facebook but this is mind-boggling – the social network is bigger than the Internet in general.

2) Facebook Analytics – Google can tell you a lot about what visitors do on your site, but it doesn’t know what age your visitors are, whether they are male or female, or what other brands they like. Facebook does. Facebook knows a whole lot of stuff about the people who like your page, and will share a certain amount of it with you, and that sort of information about your customers is pretty valuable. Facebook Analytics pulls up little gems from its great information treasure trove that aren’t available to you on any other platform.

Personally I think that one would be making a bad mistake if they thought that this was the death knell of the company web site. WongDoody recently carried out a survey that showed that the company site was still the most important aspect of a companies online presence but Facebook was right behind followed closely by YouTube and Twitter.

So it seems as though the best plan of attack would be to make sure that the company site leads people to the facebook site and vice-versa. And remember that your brands fan base will only ever be as strong as the amount of effort that you put into it.

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