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The New Global, Personal World of Ecommerce

Posted on the 31st December 2015

As we head into 2016, the world of eCommerce is changing a great deal. Today, the act of buying a product online is mundane, and that means there is so much more competition, and so many challenges for online retailers. How can one retailer set themselves apart from the competition, especially when there is competition in the form of behemoths such as Amazon and eBay?
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Is It Worth Upgrading to Magento 2.0?

Posted on the 21st December 2015

Magento 2.0 was officially released last month, and it makes a number of significant changes to this hugely popular ecommerce platform. While some webmasters will have rushed to install the new version immediately, there are others who are, understandably, questioning whether it is worth installing it right away.

Magento 2.0 has a great deal to offer, but there are some very valid reasons for waiting to upgrade, not least of which is the significant way in which the admin area’s user-interface has changed. If you aren’t familiar with how the new interface works (for example if you weren’t playing with the previews), then you might lose a lot of time and productivity as you familiarise yourself with it.
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Thousands of Magento Stores Still Infected with Keyloggers

Posted on the 23rd November 2015

More than 3,500 Magento-powered online stores are infected with a server-side keylogger that steals customer credit card details and passes them on to servers owned by a third party. The keylogger campaign has been going on for several months, and has yet to be fully eradicated.
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Will Magento Thrive as a Private Company?

Posted on the 17th November 2015

On the 2nd November, eBay announced that it had sold on its eBay Enterprise Division, including Magento, to Permira Funds, and that the sale was worth $925 million. The sale is an interesting development, and could be quite promising for the future of Magento.
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How Conversion Rate Optimisation is Changing and Evolving With New Data

Posted on the 16th November 2015

Conversion rate optimisation (CRO) has become one of the most important elements of eCommerce. With the right techniques, you can significantly increase your ROI and acquire more customers for the same level of effort. However, what a lot of people don’t realise is that conversion rate optimisation techniques are not just about changing the tactics you use. Without a clear basis for the decisions you are making, you run the risk of your CRO becoming a futile exercise.

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Magento 1.9 Upgrade Improves Business Performance

Posted on the 12th November 2015

Each of the major point releases for Magento offers significant improvements, and 1.9 is no exception. It includes more than 50 different quality of life and security enhancements, as well as performance improvements.

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XML Vulnerabilities Found in Magento

Posted on the 2nd November 2015

Researchers have found two new vulnerabilities in the Magento shopping cart platform. Ebrahim Hegazy has discovered a remote code execution vulnerability, while Dawid Golunski has identified an XML External Entity injection vulnerability. These two vulnerabilities have been reported to eBay, and the developers at eBay have released a patch.
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Magento Releases New Security Patch Bundle

Posted on the 28th October 2015

The developers of Magento have released a new security patch bundle, SUPEE-6788, which is available for both the Magento Enterprise version and the Community Edition

This patch bundle addresses a number of security problems, however it makes some extensive changes to the code base as well, which could cause backward compatibility issues and break some extensions and customisations. The main potential problems are:

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Magento Issues Important Security Update

Posted on the 23rd October 2015

The developers of Magento are currently investigating reports of sites which are being targeted by the Guruincsite Malware, specifically the Neutrino Exploit Kit, and they are working with both developers and community members, as well as hosting providers, to try to identify any possible new attack vectors.

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What the PCI Compliance Regulations Mean for You

Posted on the 20th October 2015

The new PCI Data Security Standards became a requirement in April 2015. The standards, entitled PCI DSS 3.1, require site owners to ensure that any payments that they process are handled in a secure fashion. There was considerable confusion regarding the new rules when the standard was announced and even today, several months after the rules came into effect, there are some webmasters who are unsure as to whether they need to be ‘PCI compliant’ and whether they are meeting the rules with their current set-up.

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How Stripe Will Revolutionise Mobile Payments

Posted on the 19th October 2015

Stripe is an established online payment processor that is becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to PayPal for those who wish to pay with their credit or debit cards online. What makes Stripe particularly interesting and useful is that users can save their details on Stripe’s servers for quick and easy payment.

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80% of Magento Stores Still Haven’t Patched Shoplift Bug

Posted on the 5th October 2015

Five months ago, Check Point security identified a critical vulnerability in the Magento ecommerce system. They called the vulnerability “Shoplift”, and publicised their findings. To their credit, eBay, the developers of Magento, patched the vulnerability extremely quickly and spent time improving the security of the software, releasing many more updates over the following months.

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Why Demand-Led Supply Chains Will Change Online Marketing

Posted on the 23rd September 2015

The idea of supply chains has existed for as long as merchants took their caravans from city to city, selling exotic goods and household wares. The world of commerce has evolved dramatically over the last few decades. Consumers now have more power than ever before, and can send their requirements to a seller and have goods sent to them without them ever having to leave their homes. But the supply chain is still of crucial concern. Read more

What iOS 9 Means for Your Mobile Workforce

Posted on the

The full version of iOS 9 is now available for the iPhone and iPad, and users in the UK can upgrade their devices via the iCloud.

The launch comes just two weeks before the launch of the new iPhone 6s and introduces a number of improvements, including several security, performance and quality of life tweaks, in addition to some impressive new functions.

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How Apple’s Return to Basics Will Revolutionise Field Work

Posted on the 11th September 2015

At Apple’s latest event, it revealed the iPad Pro, a larger and more powerful version of the iPad. At first glance, it’s easy to feel a little disappointed by that revelation. Apple is the king of innovation and “the same as before, but with higher tech specs” doesn’t sound terribly innovative.

Happily, there is a “but”.

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