The latest at Radweb

Posted on the 6th October 2014

Well what a year it’s been so far. It’s only when I stopped to think about where we’ve been and where we’re going as a company that I’ve realised how amazing the last few months have been. Our new look website has been a labour of love here in the office and we’re so proud of the way it works and looks today. Feel free to have a look around – and if you’re looking for an eCommerce site of your own make sure you check out our Portfolio.

Looking at what we’ve achieved has been fun but I’m more concerned now about the exciting things we’ve got coming up…

What’s next for InventoryBase?

Our home grown property inspection and inventory software, InventoryBase, has undergone many developments and improvements over the last year and I guess it’s a testament to how passionate we feel about it that we just want it to keep moving on. We’re about to make some really big advancements to the product and also take the next step up in mobile infrastructure.

We’ll be redeveloping all of our mobile apps for every single operating system making them better in terms of usability and efficiency. It’s a significant investment for us and we can’t wait!

We’ll also be launching InventoryBase internationally in the coming months, branching out into all kinds of residential and commercial property inspections, so watch this space!

A growing team

We’re so pleased to welcome back Ed and Ali. These guys both worked with as part of their degree from the University of Portsmouth and we’re really happy to welcome them back after graduation as full-time members of the team.

We can’t wait to see what they come up with in the coming months, and they’re already wired in to building the next big upgrade to the InventoryBase platform and Apps.

Ecommerce extensions

The Magento platform is the most popular eCommerce platform in the world and we use it as a base for all our client’s online stores. Over the years we’ve developed numerous extensions and plug-ins for the system to cater to all of our customers bespoke requirements. We are now developing our very own extensions that can be used for multiple clients, our Stripe for Magento extension has been taking payments on over 200 Magento websites to date. We are committed to only building extensions that we think will make significant enhancements to the usability, search rankings and/or converted sales.

Check out our new eCommerce Evolved store to purchase extensions for Magento as and when we release new code.

Workflow Management System

We want to make your working life easier. We want you to work smarter, not harder. We are currently developing an exciting new WMS that has the potential to be used in any industry that provides a service with deliverables. The system has unlimited applications and we’ll be letting you know soon how it can save you time, money and stress – the perfect business solution? We think so. Keep an eye on our blog in the coming months for more information on this.

Portsmouth Square Deal

Square Deal is all about building a reputable network of tradesman in the Portsmouth area to make sure residents can check out who they’re getting to work on their homes. The service has been greatly received and has now taken Kelly Fletcher on board to grow the service. The future looks bright for Square Deal as Kelly is planning to add yet more tradesmen to the roster. For more info on Square Deal or to sign up visit

So that’s the news at the mo – It’s time to get back to it and make these things happen!