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Google PPC cost per click as high as $54.00

Posted on the 21st July 2011

Any of us know how important it is to choose the correct keywords when involved in Google PPC. If your average profit per item is measured in pence or Pounds as opposed to hundreds of Pounds then one has to keep the CPC as low as possible. But some industries have an almost unbelievable cost per click;
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Facebook vs Google Pay Per Click

Posted on the 11th July 2011

You’ve probably heard the buzz recently about how Facebook has overtaken Google and now gets more total page views. However, from a business owner perspective, the question still lingers as to which is the best place to spend your advertising dollars to acquire new clients? Read more

Social Network Advertising

Posted on the 9th May 2011

Do you advertise on your favourite social media site like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn? If not then you need to take a good look at them – they all have different demographic profiles and use cases that could provide great advertising opportunities.
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