Magento Community Edition 1.9.2 Released

Posted on the 17th July 2015

Magento Community Edition version 1.9.2 has just been released and is available to download at no charge from the Magento website. This latest update includes a range of fixes and security improvements.

The new release includes an up-to-date version of the Zend 1 Framework, Redis integration, and more than one hundred general quality improvements. Perhaps the most interesting change is that the Community Edition now offers easy access to almost 170 tests via the automated functional testing framework. Magento site owners who do in-house development or customisation can now automate the tests they perform after upgrades, customisations and the installation of extensions.

The security patches that were released recently are included as standard in the Community Edition 1.9.2, and any webmasters who are running older versions of the Community Edition are advised to either upgrade to 1.9.2 to take advantage of both the security updates and the general improvements that the script offers, or to install SUPEE-5344, 5994 and 6825 themselves in order to ensure that their site is as secure as possible.

Speed, Functionality and CMS Improvements

In addition to making back-end improvements, this latest update includes several improvements to the CMS and to the end-user’s experience. For example, it is now easier to upload images via the WYSIWYG post editor, and image browsing is far easier thanks to a new thumbnail view. Pages which are based upon the Generic Content template now display correctly, and the currently enabled theme will appear when webmasters preview posts.

Customers will find that if they have a middle name or initial set, it will appear when their account name is displayed in the store front. In addition, when a customer logs in to their account, they will be directed to their account page, instead of being sent back to the last page that they had visited.

Customer details are handled more efficiently. If a customer’s locale does not use post codes, then there will be no requirement to enter post codes for their address. Password resets are easier to perform and there are several other small improvements to address handling and other details. There are also a number of pricing and order processing improvements in the update.

The 1.9.2. release should make running a Magento store and shopping using Magento a far easier experience, further reinforcing Magento’s position as one of the leading eCommerce platforms for store owners of all sizes.