Google + is the way forward

Posted on the 16th September 2011

Google plus recently exceeded 25 million visitors. That is huge. Notwithstanding the fact that they have done so much quicker than Facebook or Twitter. Okay – 25 million isn’t that much when compared to the 750 million Facebook users or the 175 million on Twitter but it seems pretty obvious that this is only the beginning.

Bloggers and many Internet giants are busy figuring out how to take advantage of this new creation from Google. Are you looking for ways to take advantage of Google + to promote your online websites? You should be.

Google plus does not have anything equivalent to the Facebook Pages. So you can’t simply create a page and then promote it via Google + – it doesn’t work that way. What you need to do is to use the Google + Stream to share posts publicly or privately and to promote your business through your websites.

Set the visibility of all streams that you post to Google + as “public” so that it will be visible to everyone including the search engines. Google indexes the Google plus profiles and the public messages as well so you can post any message and have them indexed by all search engines including Google. This is a great SEO option for you Internet giants to take advantage of!

And now a quick word of warning – Google made an announcement that Google+ is not ready for business profile pages yet. Facebook pages are the hangout place online for businesses, brands and websites, but Google+ is lacking this great feature, keeping the business users confused.

In a recent announcement, Google made it clear that their policy team will find and remove any business profile pages. Many companies and website owners already set up business pages using personal profiles. But be prepared to lose your profile pages!

But – if you stick to the rules and put some serious time and thought into it – Google + is the way forward.