e-Business – It’s about working smarter, not harder

Posted on the 29th September 2011

Okay – what is e-business? Well, e-business is, and I quote from reference here, “the term used to describe the information systems and applications that support and drive business processes, most often using web technologies.” Or, in slightly more understandable language – ‘Business stuff you do on the net.’

Wow – that is a huge area of business. In fact in some web based businesses that would encompass all of the business.

But I think that all we are saying here is that every business can take advantage in some way from using e-Business. Simple, low cost or free technology is available to help you do stuff like:  Perk up external product promotion and internal communication through efficient e-marketing. Augment sales through effectual use of e-commerce technologies. Rationalize business processes with incorporated back office systems. Decrease communication and travel costs using online meeting tools and shared workspace. Take full advantage of lead conversion by using CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems to track and monitor communications with prospects and clients. Develop supplier relations and productivity through collaborative tools and workspaces. Profit from licence-free open source software alternatives to proprietary software.

So, basically, whether you’re already up and running with an e-commerce site, communicating around the Earth with customers, or simply using email to get out your product news and information, there is more than likely an e-Business application that can be used to further develop your company’s performance.

Take a look at your company and if you believe that e-business could be the key that unlocks the potential of your business, but you aren’t certain how it could best be used or what is required, then give one of the experts in the field a shout…it can only do you some good because one must remember that the benefits of implementing e-business tools is not so much in the use of technology, but in the streamlining of business processes and the ease in finding new markets. E-business is more than having a website for your business. Using e-business tools can make your administrative and operational activities more efficient.