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Almost Half of Ecommerce Purchases Now Made on Mobile

Posted on the 11th May 2016

In the UK, almost half of all ecommerce purchases are now made on mobile devices, with the top platform being the iPhone – ahead of the iPad.

These statistics come from performance marketing technology firm, Criteo, which found that 48.9% of all ecommerce transactions in the first quarter of 2016 were made on phones or tablets – up from 43% for the same time period last year.

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How Stripe Will Revolutionise Mobile Payments

Posted on the 19th October 2015

Stripe is an established online payment processor that is becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to PayPal for those who wish to pay with their credit or debit cards online. What makes Stripe particularly interesting and useful is that users can save their details on Stripe’s servers for quick and easy payment.

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What iOS 9 Means for Your Mobile Workforce

Posted on the 23rd September 2015

The full version of iOS 9 is now available for the iPhone and iPad, and users in the UK can upgrade their devices via the iCloud.

The launch comes just two weeks before the launch of the new iPhone 6s and introduces a number of improvements, including several security, performance and quality of life tweaks, in addition to some impressive new functions.

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How Apple’s Return to Basics Will Revolutionise Field Work

Posted on the 11th September 2015

At Apple’s latest event, it revealed the iPad Pro, a larger and more powerful version of the iPad. At first glance, it’s easy to feel a little disappointed by that revelation. Apple is the king of innovation and “the same as before, but with higher tech specs” doesn’t sound terribly innovative.

Happily, there is a “but”.

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Get your mobile website up and running

Posted on the 7th October 2011

A couple of months back Google today released findings of a smartphone-user study that the company did with Ipsos OTX at the end of 2010. The sample consisted of 5,000 US adults who owned a smartphone and accessed the mobile internet. Google found that there’s heavy smartphone usage at home. The survey found that 93 percent of smartphone owners use their phones within the home. Thirty nine percent said they used their smartphones “while going to the bathroom” and approximately 20 percent would give up cable TV before their smartphones.
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And the winner is… Android & Apple

Posted on the 16th May 2011

For the first time, Android phones are the most popular smartphones amongst U.S. mobile consumers, according to a survey Nielsen released last month.

In a succession of monthly surveys between January 2011 and March 2011, 31% of consumers who were planning on getting a new smartphone indicated that Android was their favoured OS, compared to 30% who preferred the iPhone.
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Smart people use Smart phones

Posted on the 9th May 2011

If you have a smart phone you normally love it. If you don’t you will be broken down into 2 camps; firstly – you are waiting to buy a smart phone or, Secondly – you really can’t see the point as all that you do is phone people with it. OK…fair enough. But did you know that in a recent survey by Google it was established that 93% of smart phone users  use their phone within the home and…wait for it…39% claimed to use it in the bathroom (so what’s wrong with a good magazine, I hear you ask). 20% said they would give up cable or satellite TV before their phone. The survey also found that 81 percent of users “browse the internet” and 77 percent of smartphone owners use mobile search. Google said that 72 percent of smartphone owners use their devices “while consuming other media,” a one-third while they’re watching TV.
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Stranded at the Airport, but still Connected

Posted on the 20th April 2010
Airport? Stranded? Not with my iPhone!

We’re passionate about technology. Yesterday our brand new iPhone 3GS’s arrived (Okay I know, took a while… but I was stuck in contract with the 3G, and James had a Blackberry).
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