Stranded at the Airport, but still Connected

Posted on the 20th April 2010
Airport? Stranded? Not with my iPhone!

We’re passionate about technology. Yesterday our brand new iPhone 3GS’s arrived (Okay I know, took a while… but I was stuck in contract with the 3G, and James had a Blackberry).

We pride ourselves on being available to our clients beyond normal working hours, you have to when you’re dealing with International brands, global eCommerce with sales coming in 24 hours a day, enterprise level email, business systems that run an entire company’s operations, and time-sensitive marketing deadlines…

Thankfully, we spent some time ‘tooling ourselves up’, so that we could stay connected – always.

For the mobile businessman, Smartphones are ideal. Thousands of apps to install, practically a pocket PC. One stood out for us from the go (can you guess which?)… Take a look at our favourite apps that are already available from the AppStore or built in as standard:

  • WIFI – Fast internet, who can live without it now?
  • Skype – Make and Receive calls to/from the office number
  • WordPress – Managing this website and writing this blog article
  • Enterprise Email – communication, full email history, contact address book – all synchronised with our office PCs
  • Office calendar – for appointments and dates
  • Database tool – Updating and checking client databases
  • Server Monitor – Health status of all network services (+ clients’)
  • Web Server control panel – For managing websites, email accounts, settings & configurations, and setting up new clients
  • Twitter & Facebook – Managing our social marketing campaigns
  • Analytics – Reporting on activity, visitor traffic and sales for all of the websites we manage
  • Remote Desktop – Log on to home PC to fetch files or client PC to fix issues
  • Live Video – Online streaming of live video wherever I am from my phone camera
  • And finally… Angry Birds >:)

This is my office.

Got your own set of killer tools to run your daily duties? Reply and let us know.