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Ecommerce Holiday Calendar for 2016

Posted on the 24th September 2016

The holiday season is just a few months away, and now is a good time to start reviewing sales dates and considering your plans for what you will do over the next few months. The more sales data you have, the better equipped you will be to take advantage of the most common promotions and buying periods over the autumn and winter.

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What Does the Future Hold for The Hybrid Cloud?

Posted on the 15th March 2016

Over the last few years, CIOs and corporate technology managers have been faced with some interesting questions and challenges. This is particularly the case when it comes to balancing performance, data compliance, security and cost, while still keeping on top of the complexity of their IT stack, and ensuring that their systems remain flexible.

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The New Global, Personal World of Ecommerce

Posted on the 31st December 2015

As we head into 2016, the world of eCommerce is changing a great deal. Today, the act of buying a product online is mundane, and that means there is so much more competition, and so many challenges for online retailers. How can one retailer set themselves apart from the competition, especially when there is competition in the form of behemoths such as Amazon and eBay?
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What the PCI Compliance Regulations Mean for You

Posted on the 20th October 2015

The new PCI Data Security Standards became a requirement in April 2015. The standards, entitled PCI DSS 3.1, require site owners to ensure that any payments that they process are handled in a secure fashion. There was considerable confusion regarding the new rules when the standard was announced and even today, several months after the rules came into effect, there are some webmasters who are unsure as to whether they need to be ‘PCI compliant’ and whether they are meeting the rules with their current set-up.

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Mixed results in Software as a Service Survey

Posted on the 10th September 2015

The idea of ‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS) has exploded over the last few years as cloud technology has become more affordable, and IT leaders have come to understand the value of a truly scalable solution. However, while SaaS adoption is increasing, the technology is far from perfect and there are many areas in which people are dissatisfied with the cloud services they are using.

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Why Online Retailers Are Investing in Cloud Technology

Posted on the 17th August 2015

Consumers love online retailers because they are fast and convenient. Searching for products is instant and there are no queues to wait in. It’s simply a case of selecting the product, paying and waiting for the delivery. In theory, at least.

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Take care of your existing customers

Posted on the 30th November 2011

I have recently been involved with a small business that was looking to put a fair amount of cash into an e–marketing campaign in an effort to scare up a whole bunch of new customers. Now let me get this straight; there is nothing wrong with this. This is a good thing. Without new customers we will die.
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If you have Facebook do you need a company website?

Posted on the 24th November 2011

Let’s face it – building a good company website is a major hassle. Keeping it updated, responding on a daily basis, making sure that it doesn’t crash…endless. And then you aren’t even sure if anyone at all will visit!
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What makes an e-Commerce business fail?

Posted on the 11th October 2011

E-commerce is the same as normal commercial enterprises…it simply takes place on the Internet. And the reasons that e-commerce ventures fail can often be similar to the reasons that standard industries fail.
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Get your mobile website up and running

Posted on the 7th October 2011

A couple of months back Google today released findings of a smartphone-user study that the company did with Ipsos OTX at the end of 2010. The sample consisted of 5,000 US adults who owned a smartphone and accessed the mobile internet. Google found that there’s heavy smartphone usage at home. The survey found that 93 percent of smartphone owners use their phones within the home. Thirty nine percent said they used their smartphones “while going to the bathroom” and approximately 20 percent would give up cable TV before their smartphones.
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Starting up a company? Choose a memorable name

Posted on the 30th September 2011

Before you start any huge e-marketing or e commerce campaign you really need to make sure that your company has been correctly named. And when you study some of the new successful start up companies (and some of the older ones) then you can see that huge amounts of research and expense went into choosing the correct names…or did it!?
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e-Business – It’s about working smarter, not harder

Posted on the 29th September 2011

Okay – what is e-business? Well, e-business is, and I quote from reference here, “the term used to describe the information systems and applications that support and drive business processes, most often using web technologies.” Or, in slightly more understandable language – ‘Business stuff you do on the net.’
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Apple iAds Slump Again

Posted on the 18th July 2011

Apple has once again cut the price of its mobile advertising platform iAd, according to a report. What is iAds? How does it work, you ask? Apple’s CEO pointed to what he believes is a flaw of both standard online advertising and TV advertising — the combination of interaction and emotion. The key is that ads will keep users within an app, rather than redirecting users to a browser window.
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Facebook vs Google Pay Per Click

Posted on the 11th July 2011

You’ve probably heard the buzz recently about how Facebook has overtaken Google and now gets more total page views. However, from a business owner perspective, the question still lingers as to which is the best place to spend your advertising dollars to acquire new clients? Read more

Are Google Apps any good?

Posted on the 5th July 2011

There is a lot more to Google than it being a simple search engine – it can be used for pretty much everything from advertising through to the actual running of your company through the use of its many apps.
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